Oatbits was launched by PT. Agel Langgeng in 2011. It is the first Oat based biscuit in Indonesia that has made to provide Consumer Expectation who is aware about Healthy life, especially in  this modern life. At first Oatbits was produced only in 3 variants : Raisin, Vitafruit (combine Orange, Carrot and Tomatoes) , and Strawberry Yoghurt, Oatbits is highly Nutritious biscuit with real fruits topping.

In 2014, Oatbits which is a premium and healthy biscuit launched two more brands, Oatbits Oat 8 and Oatbits Hi Cal . Oatbits Oat 8 is havermout biscuit with combination oat with nuts variant. There are two variants of Oat 8, Mung Bean and Almond. Oat 8 have eight benefit that makes our body stays healthy.

On the end of 2014, Oatbits Hi-Cal was launched, which is different from the previous first and second biscuits. Based on wholewheat, Hi Cal has two variants, Raisin and Honey. With that combination, Hi-Cal provide high calcium, source of dietary fiber and low sugar benefit.

With it’s convinience pack concept  Oatbits is a healthy biscuit that we can consume anytime and anywhere. It’s Healthy and also Tasty. So, everyday is healthy with Oatbits.