Bored of Facing Traffic Jam? Ride A Bicycle to the Office!

Articles 1 Jun 2017

Nowadays, traffic jam is a serious problem often faced by all workers. Beside wasting a lot of our times, it is also draining our energy and mind, right? However, when we arrived at the office, we need to show our maximum performance to finish all the work.

Well, Oatlovers, having a healthy habit when you are going to work can absolutely affect your whole body. So, if you don’t wanna get stuck in a traffic jam, you can change your habits by riding a bike to work. One research suggest that cycling to work can cut some risks of heart disease.

Researchers found that by cycling 30-minutes in a week to work or office may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease over the next 20 years. This study conducted by Danish researchers, also asked for about 45.000 people aged 50-65 to be observed in 20 years (1993-2013). And the research confirmed that there are 2.892 people was struck by heart attack for the past 20 years.

Well, most of people who consistently spend 90-minutes cycling in a week have 24 percent less risk of having a heart attack. Whereas, the others who were cycling about 30-minutes in a week would have 16 percent less risk of the same case.

Nowadays, some experts are actively encourage people to put exercise or any workouts as their daily routine. This is because, during this time, many people are intimidated by trends of doing a workout at the gym or join some fitness programs, which in the end actually makes them easily give up and then, worst of all, reduce their physical activities gradually.

Therefore, now the experts turn their focus to make the exercise more moderate, so people will not give up easily. Walking or cycling can be used as your routine activities that is considered as an ideal way for people to exercise.

People who went to work by cycling have 19 percent lower risk of getting coronary heart disease. This study also confirmed that people who routinely riding a bicycle at least for 5 years have at least 24 percent lower risk of heart disease.

So, Oatlovers, starting next week, let’s ride a bicycle to work!


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