Dry Skin on Fasting Month? No Way!

Articles 8 Jun 2017

It’s no secret that one of the best assets in our body is our skin, Oatlovers. Definitely lots of you, at least do a simple treatment to keep your skin moist and healthy.

One of the fears related to skin problems that everybody has, is dry skin condition which is usually happening when fasting. It is mainly caused by the lack of fluid intake to the body because we have to hold our urges to drink for about 12 hours.

Basically, the definition of a healthy skin is a fresh, glowing, free from spots, smooth, and moist skin. So, Oatlovers, let’s check out some of these tips to get a healthy kind of skin that we mention above:

Fulfill your body’s fluid intake

For all Oatlovers, especially who have a lot of daily activities, we recommend to pay attention to your total fluid intake that your body needed. It is important for you, Oatlovers, to consume at least 2 liters of water every day. It’s not really that hard! That amount can be equally divided on ‘sahur’ in the dawn and in the evening when breaking your fasting.

Caffeine and Soda? Don’t drink too much of them!

Oatlovers, it is good to reduce your consumption of any drinks that contain caffeine or soda. Why? Because those kinds of drinks can absorb your fluid and mineral so your body feels dehydrated and of course affecting your skin condition also. You don’t want that, do you?

Veggies and fruits? It’s a must…

Complete your diet, Oatlovers, by considering your vegetables and fruits intake in every of your meal compositions, because there are a lot of important nutrition for your skin in them. By routinely consuming vegetables and fruits, your skin will be protected from the free radicals that potential to make your skin dry and dull. Vegetables and fruits are also beneficial as antioxidants that can maintain your skin’s elasticity, Oatlovers. Plus, vegetables and fruits are also great for your digestive system. So, there is no reason to avoid vegetables and fruits, right?

External skin care is also important…

Get used to routinely using a moisturizer or lotion after every shower. Oatlovers, it is recommended that you use a lotion that contain SPF 20 so that your skin can be protected from sunlight’s exposure which is one of the causes of dry and dull skin.

So, get your beautiful-healthy skin and say no more to dry skin!

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