Manage Stress With Food and Drink

Articles 18 Okt 2017

Oatlovers, many things can be trigger of stress for you. Therefore, you must be smart to reduce those risks. Overcoming stress does not always have to vacation to places – entertainment places. Eating the right foods and drinks can also reduce your stress though.

1. Hot Chocolate

A warm body temperature is a sign that we are comfortable. Drinking a cup of hot chocolate can increase body temperature. The brain will respond that we are comfortable and then your stress can be reduced.

2. Green Tea

Green tea has a distinctive aroma, the aroma that is able to make you feel calm. This tea also contains amino acid thenine that can calm the brain from various things that will cause stress. Try to enjoy the green tea at night after a tiring day. Drink while hot and allow yourself to relax.

3. Milk

Low-fat milk that will not make you fat of course, can reduce the sense of fatigue and stress prolonged. Try drinking low fat warm milk while sitting and feeling the beauty of the morning. Definitely able to reduce your stress and make your heart feel better. The brain can rest for a while.

4. Orange

The content of vitamin C contained in an orange is effective to reduce stress. Orange can also restore cortisol and blood pressure to normal levels, without pressure.

5. Ice cream

This one food is not foreign, it is sweet and cold. So if we are stressed can cool the head by eating ice cream in addition to the sweet taste of cold can eliminate fatigue or stress. Imagine the brain is just as hot again – the heat continues to be given ice cream cool sweet it must taste fresh.

6. Almonds

Almonds contain vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc. Vitamin B and magnesium are involved in the production of serotonin, which helps regulate mood and reduce stress. Zinc fights some of the negative effects of stress, while vitamin E is an antioxidant that destroys free radicals associated with stress and heart disease.

Choose activities and good intake for yourself in order to reduce stress. Manage your stress, do not let your stress level increase just because thinking about how to cope with stress yes, Oatlovers 🙂 #OATTips #‎EverydayIsHealthy

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