Oatbits Healthy Games

Hello, Oatlovers, let’s play with us on #OatbitsHealthyGames! Oatbits Healthy Games will be held twice a month. If you can answer the games correctly, you will get the chance to win OVO voucher or Oatbits’ exclusive hampers package.

  1. Make sure you already followed all social media of Everyday is Healthy (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  2. Like and share all posts with #OatbitsHealthyGames on all social media of Everyday is Healthy
  3. Participants write their answer to the quiz on the comment section.
  4. Tag 5 friends and encourage them to joined this activation.
  1. #OatbitsHealthyGames will be held twice a month on all channel of Everyday is Healthy
  2. The games will be held for 5 (five) days
  3. During the activation, participants are not allowed to make their social media profile private.
  4. Oatbits are allowed to change the terms and conditions without making any announcement beforehand.
  5. Winners will be announced on all social media of Everyday is Healthy.

Q: Am I allowed to commented my answer more than once?
A: Of course, Oatlovers.

Q: Did I have to follow all social media of Everyday is Healthy?
A: Yes, Oatlovers. You have to follow Instagram @everydayishealthy, Twitter @Oatbitsku and like Facebook Everyday is Healthy before joining Oatbits Healthy Games.

Q: If I didn’t mention 5 friend on my comment, does it mean I cannot win the prize?
A: That’s right, Oatlovers. Mentioning your 5 friends on your comment is one of Oatbits Healthy Games’ rules to join. By making sure that you have done every rules, there will be high chance that you’ll be chosen to be the winner.

Q: I won the prize of Oatbits Healthy Games, then what should I do now?
A: If you are chosen to be the winner, please kindly send your data (name, address, phone number) to our Facebook Inbox.

Q: Is there any specific rule so I can be chosen as the winner?
A: No, there isn’t. Winners will be chosen based on their right answer, and how they have done every rule to join Oatbits Healthy Games, Oatlovers.