Articles 18 Okt 2017

Oatlovers, have you ever experienced dull elbows and knees? This is actually normal because, elbows and knees have many folds on them and sometimes it’s slightly peeling. The dead skin cells  gather on these parts which makes it look dull and dark. So how do we treat it? Follow all these steps, Oatlovers! #OatStyle

1. SCRUB WITH LEMON SKIN. Lemons contain vitamin C and citric acid which can reduce the dark color on the knees and elbows.

2. Wipe SCRUB EXCESS WITH BAKING SODA. Baking soda texture  remove’s dead skin cells and it could also softens the skin.

3. APPLY HONEY AND LEMON. Lemon makes the skin brighter and honey moisturizes the skin. These two blends are efficient in reducing blackness and also moisturizes the skin.

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