5 Benefits of Eating Ear Mushrooms

Articles 6 Jun 2019

Hello, Oatlovers! Mushrooms are foods that are in great demand in Indonesia, delicious taste can be processed into various dishes such as capcay or soup, one of which is mushroom. Ear mushrooms have high nutrition. What are the benefits of ear mushrooms for the body? Here are 5 Benefits of Eating Ear Mushrooms.

1. Prevent anemia

Anemia is a lack of iron intake which is a very important mineral in the formation of blood cells. It turns out that one portion of ear mushrooms can meet iron needs around 9-21% of the daily needs of Oatlovers! In addition to eating iron-rich foods, how to prevent anemia is also done by preventing consumption of foods or drinks that can inhibit iron absorption. Examples include leaving the habit of drinking tea when eating because tea can inhibit iron absorption.

2. Lower cholesterol

Ear mushroom benefits can also reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood. The benefits of this one are still limited as evidenced by research on animals and still need further research to prove its effectiveness. But with the efficacy of ear mushrooms that can improve blood circulation, actually this indicates ear mushrooms have a positive effect on cholesterol levels in the blood.

3. Diet

Ear mushrooms are one of the diet menus to help you lose weight. Besides being high in fiber, ear mushrooms are also included in foods with low calories so it is very suitable for your diet. Of course the effort to lose weight must also be accompanied by the right diet and regular exercise to get maximum results.

4. Medication for hemorrhoids

Apparently ear mushrooms can relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Because it has a high fiber content. Hemorrhoids are a condition caused by constipation or difficulty defecating. Hemorrhoids sufferers are required to consume more fiber, but also should not be excessive.

5. Smooth blood circulation

Ear mushroom benefits can also facilitate blood circulation. Ear fungus can work as an anticoagulant or blood thinner and a blood clotting inhibitor. The smooth flow of blood is very important to prevent various complications and diseases.

Well that’s how it is, Oatlovers! 5 Benefits of eating mushroom, you can try to consume it for daily food in order to provide good benefits for the health of the body. Don’t forget to be accompanied by exercise and adequate rest to support your body’s needs. Good luck and good luck.

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