Constipation and How to Overcome It

Articles 25 Jan 2018

Dense activity outside the home or in the office often makes you forget a lot of things about your own health, right Oatlovers? Especially if the deadline in sight. U may for having meal and rest.

Well, changes in diet and hormonal factors is the cause of constipation in women, Oatlovers. Certainly not really comfortable if you experience this constipation. Instead of treating, more good is to prevent it, Oatlovers. How? Check out the following tips;

1. Drinking water regularly

Lots of benefits to drink water regularly. One of them keeps the fluid balance in the body. So, do not be lazy to drink water, Oatlovers.

2. Diligent exercise

Mild exercise can also help you maintain a healthy body. When you’re on break from the activity, you can doing stretching in the area of ​​your desk. Doing Desk Squat, for example.

3. Expand eating fiber foods

There are many foods that contain fiber. Oatmeal, yogurt, strawberries, almonds and broccoli are the examples of foods. Easy to find right, Oatlovers?

Constipation is indeed rarely cause complications. But keep in mind, Oatlovers. If you have long-term constipation, hemorrhoids can be a risk. In addition, this constipation has the potential of fecal impaction (hardening of the stool in the rectum), rectal anus skin, and prolapse rectum (some of the intestines out of the anus because of straining). So, if you do not want that to happen, keep your diet and lifestyle well, Oatlovers.

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