Insomnia? Do These 6 Things Before It May Cause Any Danger!

Articles 22 Jun 2017

Insomnia also known as having difficulty with sleeping can strike anyone. Starting from mild insomnia to a severe one that could keep you, Oatlovers, awake for days. Even though you’re not feeling sleepy at all and your activities are not really disrupted by your lack of sleep conditions, if insomnia left untreated, this can be dangerous for your health. Some serious and dangerous diseases are waiting if Oatlovers’s bed-time is still a mess.

This sleeping disorder can be solved by taking some pills. But, I bet you don’t want to rely on those chemical drugs which will be dangerous for your body, right? Well, before the insomnia becomes worst, you should try to get over your insomnia by doing these kinds of common things below.

Try to sleep with the lights off

When Oatlovers have trouble falling asleep, landed on the bed early but still staying awake throughout the night, just try to turn the lights off. If Oatlovers’s room feels hot and uncomfortable, go use an air conditioner/electric fan. A quite dark and cozy atmosphere will make Oatlovers feels more comfortable, the drowsiness will come soon.

Exercise regularly every morning

When the blood circulation is not good, there are so many health problems that will easily come. Difficulty in sleeping is one of them. Get used to routinely doing exercises. There is no need to do a hard exercise to make the muscle’s strong. Just do a jogging or push-ups as well as sit-ups at least 30 minutes every morning. By having a scheduled exercise, aside from having a healthy body, this can also help to treat insomnia that Oatlovers faced all this time. Try to spare a little time to exercise, so Oatlovers will definitely get a significant changes in your sleep patterns.

Get a warm baths before sleep

After all day work, Oatlovers will absolutely feel exhausted. Oatlovers’s body get stiffed and tired since your muscles tense up. By having a warm bath, it can make your muscles become relax and accelerate the blood circulation. With the help of warm water, Oatlovers’s body will be more relaxed, drowsiness will instantly come and Oatlovers will sleep like a log.

Drink a cup of chocolate or milk before bed

If Oatlovers is having insomnia, avoid some stimulant drinks such as coffee or soda. Replace coffee with a cup of chocolate or milk to invite drowsiness. Milk contains a lot of calcium, while chocolate contains a substance that can increase serotonine levels in your brain. They are both provide a soothing effect that will make Oatlovers falling asleep really fast.

Banana and honey will also treat insomnia

If Oatlovers get bored with chocolate and milk, Oatlovers can also eat bananas and honey before going to bed. Adding honey to a cup of camomile tea before going to bed will make Oatlovers’s body feels more relaxed and drowsy. While banana contains magnesium, calium, and high potasium. Bananas can also trigger an increase in melatonin, a hormone that can manage sleep hours.

Even it is not recommended, read some boring books

Actually, reading a book before sleep is not recommended, because Oatlovers should sleep with a calm and relaxed mind, not with the tired feeling of reading a book. But, if it can help Oatlovers, it is not hurt to try. So, Oatlovers will have a fixed sleep-patterns gradually, until finally you can fall asleep without reading any books at all. But make sure the books that you, Oatlovers, read is quite boring. If Oatlovers read an interesting one and worst of all, make you curious, I bet Oatlovers will keep reading instead of getting  some sleep.

If some tips above is not helping you yet, Oatlovers should probably consult with a doctor immediately. Don’t be left untreated for too long, since a long-term insomnia can be harmful for health. From now on, set Oatlovers’s time wisely, so insomnia will no longer attack and threaten your health.

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