Good steps to always stay young

Articles 10 Jan 2019

Hi, Oatlovers! When it’s no longer young, the body’s condition decreases, the appearance becomes less attractive as before. But increasing age, does not mean we can not look fresh and youthful. Many steps can follow a healthy diet and maintain a regular diet. Here are four easy ways to manage your diet to stay healthy and youthful. Let’s see!

1. Colored fruits or vegetables

An important step in staying healthy and youthful is to diligently eat fruits and vegetables. Any kind of fruit and vegetable, contains many antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals. Antioxidants function to neutralize damaging free radicals of the body’s cells which are often linked as causes of wrinkles and black spots, even cancer and heart disease. To get the maximum benefits of antioxidants, it’s not enough to just eat vegetables or fruit. You have to combine fruits and vegetables with various colors; red, orange, yellow and green. Every vegetable or fruit has a different type of antioxidant, which concentrates in different places. For example, antioxidants in the berries help maintain stability in brain and motor function. While antioxidants in pomegranates (pomegranate) can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Another antioxidant found in broccoli, contains compounds that help prevent breast cancer.

2. Healthy fat

If Oatlovers want to stay young when old, try reducing foods that contain saturated fat. We recommend that you choose foods with unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil, fish, nuts and seeds have been shown to reduce the risk of diseases that often arise due to age. Some of them include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even Alzheimer’s. Healthy fats also help maintain healthy skin and make it beautiful and youthful. The more you consume omega-3s (commonly found in salmon or sardines), the less risk of skin damage will be experienced.

3. The green

It turns out that green tea contains antioxidants called catechins which are believed to make you healthy and youthful. This compound is believed to overcome high blood pressure, also increases the body’s immune system. Drinking green tea at least one cup a day, can reduce the risk of suffering from high blood pressure up to 46 percent. If you drink two to three more glasses, it will reduce up to 65 percent. Green tea is safe for a maximum of five cups per day. According to research from the Journal of Food Science, organic green tea has the highest levels of antioxidants, around 100 catechins per gram.

4. Eat less portions

The portion of food is important to note. The right way if you want to be healthy and youthful. As we get older, the body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food decreases. If at the age of 20, the body quickly converts nutrients into energy, at the age of 30 and above, the body’s metabolism tends to slow down so that more food is only stored and eventually becomes a fat pile. The body becomes easier to be fat and susceptible to disease. Reducing meals in your 30s and above can help you maintain health and prevent ‘aging’ diseases such as being overweight, heart disease or high blood pressure. Eat low-calorie foods and increase fruit and vegetable intake. Do not forget also to drink lots of water for the process of removing toxins from the body.

That’s Oatlovers! Good steps to always stay young, easy right? Ageless is everyone’s dream. So from that exercise attention and food intake do not eat too much food. Good luck, good luck Oatlovers!

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