Healthy Menu for Breaking Fast

Articles 31 Mei 2018

Hello Oatlovers! Maintaining health during the fasting month is important enough not only with exercise routine, and just enough rest, but also the meal menu at dawn and break the fast, certainly more preparation to break the fast than sahur, therefore prepare a healthy breaking menu for yourself myself and family. This is an alternative dish to break the fast, let’s see!

1. Dates

Dates are a mandatory menu when breaking the fast, when about to break the fast we should not eat heavy foods first. Eat snacks and sweet like dates, dates useful for overcoming anemia and contain high enough iron then indirectly contain natural sugar that can restore lost energy when fasting.

2. Takjil

Takjil is a common dish consumed to break the fast before eating heavy food, if eating takjil we should make yourself at home to be cleaner and hygienic and free of food coloring that is harmful to the body. Some healthy takjil samples are fresh fruit salad, fruit soup with honey, gelatin.

3. Grilled fish

Fish is very safe to eat especially those who are planning a diet program, because the fish is a very low-fat side dish. To process grilled fish into a healthy food menu to break the fast we can burn carp, snapper, or dorang.

For healthier dishes do not burn fish with butter, preferably replaced with olive oil or olive oil, meanwhile to spice the fish with lime, chilli and pepper, and a little sweet soy sauce. Do not burn fish to burn because it can trigger cancer.

4. Red rice or boiled potatoes

We can get a good source of complex carbohydrates for the body, brown rice and boiled potatoes are healthier than white rice, usually this food is used by people who are on a diet and want to lose weight.

5. Saute vegetables

Vegetables must be healthy foods, any vegetables can be pan-fried with simple spices only require salt, pepper, onion and garlic. Use olive oil or olive oil. If you like the spicy taste can add fresh chili to be more fresh. Vegetables that fit the menu to eat iftar is sprouts, spinach, mustard, or kale.

6. Oatmeal

Practical and healthy foods are also contained in oatmeal, in addition to breaking the meal can also be served for sahur. Oatmeal is a diet rich in fiber. If our breaking time is close to the tarawih, we can eat this food first, because oatmeal can give lasting effects of hunger and can block the stomach after a full day of fasting. Choose healthy toppings such as fresh fruits, low-fat milk, honey, and granola.

Well that’s Oatlovers, a lot of healthy food choices to break the fast? Hopefully useful and happy to try it at home ya!

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