How to deal with dry lips?

Articles 3 Mei 2018

Hello, Oatlovers! Do you guys have a problem with dry lips? Skin lips tend to be more sensitive than other skin, dry lips can be caused by many things ranging from frequent exposure to sunlight, dry air, to drink less mineral water or may be taking certain drugs. Overcoming dry lips is not difficult, let’s see!

1. Using a lip moisturizer

The first step is a lip moisturizer. Lip moisturizer is very important because your lips do not have oil glands, so we have to guard it by using a moisturizer. We can use lip products with beewax content, coconut oil or cocoa butter, apply when needed and also before bed.

2. Drink plenty of mineral water

In addition to maintaining the health of the lips not only from the outside but from within, multiply drinking mineral water every day to prevent dehydration that can trigger the occurrence of dry lips, at least we have to drink 2 liters per day or 8 glasses of mineral water.

3. Avoid exfoliating the lips by force

Do not forcibly peel lips because it will adversely affect your lips, not only the wound on the lips, if it continues can also cause irritation. Avoid bad habits from now on yes!

4. Do not lick your lips

The thing you should avoid again is the habit of licking the lips, this habit is considered to make your lips dry. For the saliva that comes into contact with the lips can remove the natural moisture in the skin of our lips. And do not use a lip moisturizer that uses taste because it will often lick the lips compared with a moisturizer that does not use flavor.

5. Exfoliate the skin of the lips

And lastly if the skin is peeling lips try to exfoliate exfoliation of the lips skin. Try to select the material that gentle scrub do with a circular motion, every day to get maximum results.

Make a natural lip scrub that you can try at home. Prepare brown sugar or brown sugar. Add olive oil as an alternative can also with coconut oil, mix both ingredients and apply on the lips for about 1 minute. Oil-based ingredients are believed to be good for dry lips.

How Oatlovers, already know how to deal with dry lips? Take care of your lips skin to stay healthy, and avoid the things that make the lips dry, injured or even irritated. May be useful!

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