Too Much to Eat Salted Food? Here Are The Solution

Articles 28 Des 2017

Usually, there are some people who prefer to snack foods that are salty rather than sweet. Are you prefer to snack on salty or sweet foods, Oatlovers? Both are good to prop up the stomach temporarily. But, for you lovers of salty foods, there are some things that must be concern. Too much salt consumption can pose a health risk. Sodium content in salt if consumed in excess to make the kidneys and liver work hard to filter the blood, other than that too much salt can make blood thickens, Oatlovers.

Then, if you eat too much salty food, what should we do? Do not worry about it, Oatlovers. Some of these ways can be done to normalize again the salt levels in your body. Let’s see:

1. Eat Bananas
Potassium contained in bananas can neutralize and lower levels of sodium in the body. In addition, green vegetables, potatoes and soybeans can also have the same benefits.

2. Drink plenty of water
Water also helps to neutralize the salt content so that the blood does not thicken. Water also helps to dispose of salt in the body faster.

3. Sports
Mild exercise such as jogging or gymnastics can secrete sodium in your body. In addition, exercise also makes the body more healthy, Oatlovers.

Let’s start avoiding too much saltiness. Besides inviting illness, you do not want to look too overweight right, Oatlovers?

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