Errors In Brushing Teeth to Avoid

Articles 5 Apr 2018

Brushing teeth is a routine activity that must be done every day, just rubbed, gargle, discard. And ideally done every two times a day. Looks simple, but it turns out there are some things to avoid and you note lho, Oatlovers. Here are some things that often occur when we brush teeth. Let’s see :

1. Brushing your teeth too hard

If our strength brushing your teeth is almost the same as cleaning a sticky crust in a frying pan, it can harm oral health. It can also make the teeth become stressful and will cause the teeth to degenerate loosely, thus exposing some of the roots of teeth. It can also trigger the incidence of sensitive and susceptible teeth in the formation of holes.

2. The origin of brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth straight like ironing is also not the correct way of brushing your teeth, the correct way to brush your teeth is a biting surface brush with a sweeping motion from the deepest end to the outside. Clean the top in and then down, the deepest edge toward the outside. To clean the inside of the front side of the tooth, position the bristles vertically and brush a small circular motion with the tip of the brush head. Use the same method to clear the right and left side teeth, starting from the top and then down (the deepest edge to the outermost). And lastly the tongue brush to help scrape the plaque that sticks to the tongue while refreshing the breath.

3. Brushing your teeth too briefly

Do you know, Oatlovers? Brushing your teeth takes at least two minutes. Most people do it quickly, even under a minute and many do not realize it. According to Richard H. Price, DMD, consumer advisor for the American Dental Association, suggests brushing for about 2 minutes, and we should be able to split our mouths into four areas and spend 30 seconds on each part.

4. Rush to rinse after brushing your teeth

When we finish brushing our teeth, spit out the excess foam and do not directly in the mouthwash afterwards. Gargling after the toothbrush will rinse the fluoride concentration from the remaining toothpaste, thereby diluting it and reducing the toothpaste effect, wait approximately 30 seconds.

5. Use mouthwash after brushing your teeth

The use of mouthwash can help prevent tooth decay because it contains fluoride but, do not use it immediately when brushing your teeth because it can wash the concentration of fluoride in toothpaste remaining in our teeth. Choose a different time if you want to use mouthwash, for example after lunch. And do not forget for about 30 minutes should not eat or drink first after taking mouthwash.

6. Rarely brush your teeth

Brush toothbrush before bedtime can cause major problems, 98% of all dental diseases can be avoided by brushing twice a day (morning and night before bed). Reporting from Reader’s Digest said poor oral hygiene or rarely brushing teeth can increase the risk of heart disease.

Caring for your teeth and gums is as important as taking care of your face and body. After listening to the points above, do you still want to perfunctory in brushing your teeth, Oatlovers? Definitely not, right? So, from now on apply the pattern of brushing your teeth correctly, yes.

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