Minus Healing Potion

Articles 24 Jan 2019

Hello, Oatlovers! This time we will discuss how to cure minus eyes. This herbal herb can help those of us who have minus eyes to not wear glasses again with a fairly short period of time. It is not absolutely successful because it changes the minus severity or our cylinder. But there’s no harm in trying. Let’s see!

1. Drink carrot juice

Certainly Oatlovers is already familiar with carrot vegetables because these vegetables are indeed synonymous with eye health. Why is that so? Because healing minus eyes with carrots is also one of the natural remedies that can be done. Carrots contain beta-carotene which is needed by the body to produce vitamin A. Vitamin A itself is very good for eye health.

2. Drink aloe vera juice

Drinking aloe vera juice can help our eyes health! Aloe vera is believed to reduce the eye minus because of the nutrients contained in it. Can be added with other herbal ingredients such as walnuts, lemons and honey.

3. Drink beet juice

Oh yeah, Oatlovers! It turns out that beets can also heal minus eyes, more effective than carrots and aloe vera. Even severe minus can be controlled. Drink regularly for one week, can be mixed with star fruit juice or carrots for more efficacious efficacy.

4. Betel Leaves

How to cure the minus eye with betel leaf was also considered a powerful solution. This is supported by the essential oil content, namely cineol, carvacol, eugenol, kavikol, and cadinen. Essential oils in betel leaves contain starch, sugar, tanned substances, sesquiterpenes, diatase, and kavikol. kavikol is useful for killing bacteria, fungi, and as antioxidants.

The following are steps to cure the minus eye with betel leaves: First, prepare 2 fresh betel leaves. Second, Wash betel leaves under running water, Third stick betel leaves that have been washed in the eye before going to bed, Fourth release betel leaves at morning.

That’s Oatlovers, Potions to cure minus eyes, don’t forget to always live a healthy life, don’t look at your cellphone or laptop screen in a dark place, read driving or lie down while sleeping. Don’t forget to try the herbal ingredients. Good luck and good luck Oatlovers!

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