Signs You are Too Sick to Go to Work

Articles 7 Des 2017

When you are feeling sick and awake from sleep in the morning and have to go to work but you are too worried if your work will pile up in the next day or even afraid of not being able to take sick leave. You better think of it again, whether you really have to go to work or stay at home. Check some of the conditions below to support your decision.

1. You are starting to feel sick.

It may seems too early if you decide to stay at home when new symptoms of your illness appear. But it’s different thing if you have cold and flu symptoms. At this time you can pass it on to others. It’s better to rest at home when you feel that your throat hurts, your body aches, and your head is dizzy. So, what’s better: stay at home or spread the virus?

2. You know that you are not going to be productive.

Aside from the possibility of infecting your co-workers, it’s important to assess just how much you’ll actually get done if you tough it out and head to work. If your sickness disrupts your ability to do work, you won’t impress anybody by coming in.

3. You are not getting better.

After battling mild to moderate symptoms for a few days, you should start to recover. If not, it’s time to take a day off and consider checking in with a doctor. Your body may just need some solid downtime to begin to repair itself.

4. You’re taking medication with side effects.

Just because you pay a visit to the doctor and are prescribed medication, doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. Some treatments have side effects that can make getting work done difficult. One example is medication that may cause drowsiness. It can put you at risk if you are driving or using heavy machinery. You’re much better off staying at home, getting over it and getting back to work even more productive afterward.

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