Tea Dregs for a Healthy Skin

Articles 14 Sep 2017

Do you know why people like to drink tea for ages? Maybe this is why: not only good for healthy body, tea is also good for healthy skin. Some tea can reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.  But, do you know that tea is also good for your skin? Let’s see how tea can change your skin.

1. Brighten your skin

Do you have a dull face? Tea dregs is the answer. Tea dregs can brighten your skin because it can remove black spots and dirt due to dust and pollution that sticks to your face and lifts dead skin cells. The trick is to use the dregs of tea then spread it to the entire surface of your face and massage gently and slowly then let stand for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Do it every day on a regular basis and the best time is at night before bed or in the morning before you take a shower.

2. Taking care of acne prone skin

Do you have acne problem? Try tea dregs. It’s pretty easy. Mix the tea dregs with right amount of water. Apply on acne prone skin and let stand for 5 minutes then rinse with warm air until clean. Do it every day until the acne is gone.

3. Tighten the skin

Treatment to tighten your skin is a little bit expensive. Tea dregs is more economical and easy to use. The trick to use the tea dregs evenly at the time you will sleep and leave all night up to the morning.

4. Reduce eye bags

Do you often stay up so you have eye bags? Tea dregs can also be used to overcome eye bags. The trick is to use tea dregs and then insert into the cloth along with some small ice cubes then put on each eye left and right. In this way the eye bags will gradually disappear.

It turns out that tea is not only good for the health but also good for your skin, isn’t it? Let’s try it.

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