The Benefits of Sleep for Your Health

Articles 25 Mei 2017

Sleep is one of the supporting factors regarding your body’s health, because your body needs some rest after you finished your daily activities. The benefits of sleep is definitely affected your everyday life, Oatlovers. The quality of sleep is very important, there are still many people who don’t realize how much the body needs sleep and why sleep is necessary.

Having enough time of sleep can help your body to keep a good health, restore your mood, prevent ‘panda’ eyes, and other health problems. Sleeping adequately is an important thing in implementing a healthy lifestyle and can be useful for your heart, stabilize your weight, and many more. Let’s check it out!

1. Improving Memory

If Oatlovers only have a little time to sleep, your mind will be busy to think about a lot of things and you will absorb it. As it known that during sleep, your brain will strengthen your memory that could be useful for your learning ability, Oatlovers. When you want to try to learn something, whether it is physical or mental, your brain will learn to practicing by itself. However, if the body sleeps well, Oatlovers will learn a little more easier. In other words, when you want to learn something new such as learning a new technique in tennis, your body will have a better performance after having enough time of sleep.

2. Having a Long Life

Having a little time of sleep also related to a shorter age.  Although it is not known for sure, whether the cause or effect of the duration of sleep are affected your life span, your sleep patterns could add up the problems. A reasearch that has been done to women at the age of 50-79 years, conducted in 2010, showed that more deaths occur in women who sleeps less than 5 hours every night. So, be careful, Oatlovers.

3. Affect the Quality of Life

Sleep becomes a kind of lifestyle that must be arranged everyday, moreover, a healthy sleep patterns should be also applied to your everyday life. Maybe, some people out there are still not paying attention about their bed time, but we’re all agree that if someone could sleep well, gradually they will have a better life.

4. Preventing Inflammation

Inflammation is one of health problems that is still related to arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, premature aging and even stroke. Research shows that people who sleeps less than 6 hours per night, the level of inflammantory proteins in blood is higher compared to people who have enough time of sleep. Studies conducted in 2010 also reveal that people who have a habit to sleep less than 6 hours or less at night, will have C-Reactive protein that is related to a risk of heart attack.

5. Encouraging Creativity

By having enough time of sleep, it is not only can strengthen the memory, but also can improve the memory. A good sleep is not only good for your memory, even better, it gives a lot of creative ideas. According to the research from Harvard University and Boston College, they show that when a person is sleeping, the emotional component of memory can be strengthened and also encourage someone to be more creative.

6. Increasing Academic Value

Most of children to teens who have sleeping disorders, such as insomnia, snoring, and other types of sleep disorders will be more likely to have another problems when they are studying. Even a college student with a lack of bed time, will have a bad score when it is compared to those who have sufficient bed time. Mostly, some children or teenagers are willing to take up their sleep time to achieve their learning targets, but by having a lack of sleep is also disrupt their learning process.

7. Having A Healthy Weight

If you want to get the ideal weight or you are now in a diet program, don’t ever forget to always maintain your quality of sleep. According to research, conducted at the University of Chicago, people who are on a diet and have a good quality of sleep can lose more fat for about 56% of body weight, while for other people who sleep less, they will lose their muscle mass. This study also mentions that when the body is sleep-deprived, the body will feel easier to get hungry.

8. Relieve Despression

Not only for stress, the lack of having a bed time can also exposed a person to depression. With a good quality of sleep at night, the level of anxiety can be reduced and the emotions will be more stable, so, you won’t easily get angry and also can improve your mood.

Sleep is a kind of lifestyle that must be done in each day, in a right way, so the body can ‘re-charge’ the energy to be active again on the next day. The body should be rested enough in each day, since the previous bed time cannot be collected into one time and put together only on weekends. Health needs to be balanced in a various factors, therefore, a healthy lifestyle becomes the most important thing in maintaining health, including a healthy sleep-patterns. As much as possible, to have a good sleep, Oatlovers should avoid caffeine intake in the afternoon until the night time, because it can interfere Oatlovers’s bed time, also make sure the bed that Oatlovers always use is comfortable and clean. Do not forget to turn the lights off when you sleep.


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