The Effects of Staying Up for Health

Articles 19 Okt 2017

Job demands sometimes require you to spend overtime resulting in a lack of rest for your body. Meanwhile, sleep itself helps to repair the damaged cells in our body. Here we describe some of the negative effects of staying up too often, Oatlovers:

1. Immune System Becomes Weak

White blood cells that act to strengthen the body’s immune system become damaged by staying up. In addition, brain cells are potentially damaged by lack of rest.

2. Biological Clock Body Disturbed

‘Body Alarm’ is disrupted by this habit. You also become difficult to sleep early because your body has started to adjust the break more soluble.

3. Diabetes

Hormone balance is disrupted to trigger intolerance to glucose associated with insulin produced by the body.

Perhaps the obligation of your work can not be abandoned and must be resolved soon. Staying late becomes a must. To reduce the effects of staying up late, make sure you really organize and implement a healthy lifestyle by fulfilling your daily nutrition, Oatlovers. Do not forget to also exercise to help keep your endurance, Oatlovers.

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