Healthy Life for the Busy

Articles 15 Feb 2018

You are a career woman who always busy with her job? Sure, busyness can spur your health. You no longer have time to exercise because you have to work overtime, even you don’t have time to prepare a healthy diet. But do not worry, here are some tips for you who are always busy.

1. Bring food from home.

Bringing food from home can save your time and money. It’s been a hassle to do this in the first week of starting the new routine. But, later, it can become a habit anyway. If you have planned an overtime in the office or have other nighttime obligations, packs some snack such as cuts of vegetables, fruit, some cereals for snacks, etc.

2. Take a quick nap.

Do you feel tired at 2 pm? Well, research has shown that you do not have to wait for the night to rest. In fact, many sources recommend taking a nap of approximately 20 minutes each day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “This type of nap provides significant benefits for improving alertness and performance without making you feel uncomfortable or disturbing your sleep time at night.”

3. Take time to do a stretch.

You just started working and felt tired. All you want to do is just watch YouTube. Instead of staying fixated on the laptop screen, it’s better to stretch or do a quick workout, like a lunge or jumping jack.

4. Limit your consumption of booze.

Many people turn to alcohol to relax during stressful situations because it’s the easiest thing to use for comfort besides food. Drinking on a regular basis will lead to constant brain fog, lethargy and forgetfulness. How is that helpful?

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