Natural Ingredients for Nail Care

Articles 17 Mei 2018

Hi Oatlovers, having beautiful nails is everyone’s dream is not it? Especially for women. Caring for nails with natural ingredients will make our nails better than having to use chemicals from the salon at a cost that is not cheap. And nail care with natural ingredients will not cause side effects. Here are tips on caring for nails with natural ingredients. Let’s see Oatlovers.

1. Using Salt

The first is treating the nails using salt. In addition to functioning for kitchen spices, salt can also be a nail care ingredients naturally, you know! The trick, provide a place for salt, add salt and warm water to taste, then soak the hands or just the fingers or feet in the brine. Let stand for 15-20 minutes, then clean with clean water and dry.

Soaking nails can clean the germs that stick on the sidelines of the nails and make the nails more shiny.

2. Lemon water

Next there is lemon. Glossy nails can also be obtained by using lemons. Lemon water has a vitamin C content is high enough, this will make the nails so shiny. How to slice the lemon into several parts, then rub on the surface of the nail for 5-10 minutes. After that clean the nails with water until it does not feel sticky. In addition to making the nails clean, lemons can also clean up the remaining nail polish, Oatlovers.

3. Watermelon skin

Did Oatlovers know that watermelon skin can be used to treat nails? Yup, it can really lho, Oatlovers. If we eat watermelon skin semarangya do not throw away, yes. The white part of the watermelon skin can be used to treat the nails. The trick is easy, apply the white part of watermelon skin, then rub on the surface of the nail. Allow the water attached to the nails to dry by itself, then wipe with water and dry with a towel.

4. Garlic

Another step that can be done to treat nails naturally is to use garlic. In addition to making the nails become cleaner and shiny garlic can make the nails become stronger and not easily broken.

Way, cut garlic rub on the nails do repeatedly, then wash with water. Nails will be clean shiny. Do it regularly for maximum results.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil hills a lot of benefits in addition to functioning to moisturize and brighten the skin, olive oil can also make nails become beautiful. Prepare the olive oil to taste and then warm, apply olive oil with cottonbud on the surface of the nail and let stand for 20-25 minutes. Olive oil or olive oil can make your nails smoother and beautiful, after finish clean with clean water then dry with a towel.

Well, that’s some natural ingredients that Oatlovers can use to treat nails. Having a beautiful and healthy nails is not difficult and does not require a big budget, right? Hopefully useful and good luck, Oatlovers!

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