Tongue Colors and Healthiness

Articles 18 Okt 2017

While we go to consultation and check-up to the clinic, the doctor usually checks our tongue right, Oatlovers? Doctors do this not only to check for inflammation only. The fact is our health can be detected from the color of our tongue. So lets us recognize the color of our tongue, Oatlovers! 🙂 #everydayishealthy
1. RED.
When our body is hot, the papilla swells and makes the tongue appear red. Usually, this things happen cause of we are lack of vitamin B12 and B3.
Yellow tongue usually occurs because of the formation of yeast on the surface of our tongue, which can cause fungus.
Black tongue indicates a dangerous condition, mainly due to poor maintenance of oral hygiene. Bacteria sometimes stick along the surface of the tongue and make black spots.
White tongue is usually caused by dehydration, canker sores or leukoplakia (growth of excess tongue surface cells).

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