Get Healthy Skin by Eat Mung Beans

Articles 21 Nov 2019

Oatlovers, you must have tried Oat 8 Mung Bean variants. You know that the contents of oats and mung beans are beneficial for the body. Let’s discuss one of the benefits of its content, namely mung beans. This time we will discuss the benefits of mung beans for skin health.

Mung beans are included in the type of beans which is an excellent source of protein, low in fat, and contains lots of fiber and antioxidants. Mung beans also contain calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Mung beans are useful as detox food which is very good in cleansing body toxins so that it can help Oatlovers in treating acne and getting clear skin from the inside.

Here are the benefits of the ingredients in mung beans:



Vitamin A

Vitamin A has benefits to help remove acne scars and blemishes on the face, helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, moisturizes the skin from the inside and prevents premature aging.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C contained in mung beans can regenerate skin cells optimally. The content also serves as antibacterials that kill bacteria and germs that are causing the growth of blackheads and pimples.

Vitamin E

The content of vitamin E in mung beans can lift dead skin cells which is the cause of the skin to become rough. Of course, if the skin is free of dead skin cells, then the face will be smooth and clean.


The protein content is able to overcome wrinkles on the facial skin naturally from the inside because it can help collagen in the body. The effect is the elasticity of  skin will feel firmer and look younger.

Zinc, Calcium

Zinc and calcium contained in mung beans can maintain healthy scalp and hair. If we consume mung beans regularly, then we will be spared from dandruff, hair loss and hair growth will be better.


Phytoestrogens contained in mung beans help collagen production and keep skin soft, elastic, and the skin not easily wrinkled and aging.

Oatlovers, in addition to being processed as food such as porridge, mung beans can also be processed as cookies, cakes, steamed buns, popsicles, or mung bean extract. So, let’s start consuming mung beans routinely.






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